A rolling ladder is a type of mobile scaffolding. The structure’s height is controlled by a series of wheels and axles, allowing it to be moved around easily. Its unique design allows it to work in confined spaces and underground. They are usually made with steel or aluminum and sometimes fiberglass but are also available in aluminum composite material (ACM). The first rolling ladders were designed in the 19th century, but modern versions were designed since the late 1970s.

Things to consider when choosing a rolling ladder:

-The Quality of Construction: 

As with any item you will be relying on every day, it’s important to opt for the highest quality product. Check the frame of the mobile scaffold for any signs of rust or damage. Also, make sure that it is going to withstand your weight without sagging or collapsing. The wheels should also be tested to ensure they roll freely and are secure in their housing.


The first thing people notice about a mobile ladder is its movement. The stability of the structure is determined by the axles, wheels, and feet. Make sure that they are heavy-duty and designed to remain stable at all times.


When choosing a rolling scaffold, it’s important to keep portability in mind. This will determine how easy it will be for you to move between tasks or between sections of a project.


With a rolling ladder, you can build your own scaffold without having your hands in danger of cutting yourself on any sharp edge. The armrests should be sturdy and able to hold any weight being attached to them.

-Hand Rails: 

The handrails should be secure, high enough to allow for a comfortable working height and wide enough to prevent slippage.

-Overhead Handrails: 

The ladder should include overhead handrails. These are useful when moving around on the ladder. They should be made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum.


The frame is the backbone of the ladder. It can support any weight attached to the ladder and keep it from collapsing under any added weight. The frame must also be strong enough to withstand any uses you may put it through.


Make sure that the ladder will reach from one end of your project to the other. If you are going to be working on a large building or balcony, make sure that you can reach all areas without climbing up or down manually.

-Diameter of Wheels: 

Ladders with wider wheels provide better stability and a better fit into confined spaces. These will usually have a greater weight capacity, which is important for heavy materials or fragile objects. 

The Best Rolling Ladder to Buy:

The Genie S-155 is the best rolling ladder to buy. The Genie brand has been serving the construction industry for over 100 years and provides a high level of safety and reliability. Their products are designed to allow users to do their job more quickly and safely, including this rolling scaffold. The Genie S-155 is a multi-use ladder, meaning it can be used for painting, electrical work and building maintenance. Since it can be used on several different surfaces, you will perform your project in a wide variety of locations. It has an in-line wheel design that allows the Genie rolling scaffold to roll smoothly over rough surfaces without any problem. It also passes over uneven concrete without any issues. The length on this rolling scaffold is 15’5″, but it can extend up to 20’4″.

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The main point is to look for a ladder that will fit your needs, whether it’s something you will only use occasionally or on a regular basis. Once you find one you like, make sure to keep it in good repair by applying rust-proofing and oiling the wheels regularly. Also, ensure that anyone using the ladder is trained in its use and care before doing so.